Clubhouse: What’s it all about?

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Brandit360 Posts

Clubhouse: What’s it all about?

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Brandit360 Posts

What do Mark Zuckerberg, Demi Lovato, Oprah, and Elon Musk all have in common?

They are all on Clubhouse.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a more recently launched social networking platform, making its debut back in April 2020. Its popularity increased during the early months COVID-19 pandemic as it provided a platform where people could listen and talk to other people in real-time. Clubhouse is a drop-in audio chat that provides a more intimate setting than what other bigger platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer.

How does it work?

Something that’s unique to the Clubhouse app is that it is invite-only. If you go to the app store, you will find it impossible to download the app without an invitation from an existing Clubhouse member. Because of this Clubhouse offers itself as an exclusive social networking space compared to its competitors.

However, once you receive an invite you can download Clubhouse from Apple’s App Store. Clubhouse is only available on iPhone IOS devices.

Once you are all set up, you will be presented with a page of a wide range of topics you can join. Topics range from Sports, Faith, Tech, Places, Wellness, and so much more. From there, you will have the ability to not only follow people with who you have similar interests but join entire groups of people around specific topics. The more groups and people you engage with, the more room suggestions you will find.

In these “rooms”, you can find yourself in real-time conversations with people from all over the world with different backgrounds around a given topic that the host(s) or moderator(s) provide. In a way, it is like listening to podcasts but in real-time. The difference is that you can actually engage with the podcast.

One of the features Clubhouse offers in the app, is a virtual “raise a hand” option. This indicates to the host/moderator that you want to join in the conversation that is taking place. It is up to the moderators whether or not they invite you up as a speaker.

What does this mean for the rest of social media?

Clubhouse has changed the social networking world. Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are already trying to incorporate Clubhouse’s methods into their platforms. We will see what happens to Clubhouse over the coming year as the battle for the drop-in audio chat experience commences.

What do you think? Have you joined Clubhouse? What has been your experience? Do you think Clubhouse will last compared to its competitors?

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