Grow your business with direct mail

by | May 20, 2022 | Brandit360 Posts

Grow your business with direct mail

by | May 20, 2022 | Brandit360 Posts

Direct mail can help builders, architects, and real estate agents grow their business in any economy. There is fierce competition in the building industry. As a result, your business needs to stay competitive in promoting its services. Direct mail has been a tried and true marketing strategy that has consistently produced trackable ROI. Adding new technology can make it even more potent in delivering your message to your target audience, reinventing traditional direct mail into more efficient and effective communication.

The building industry expands every year; consumers spend a large amount of money on home and business renovations. Property owners and real estate investors know those home improvements add value to any property. So, if you want new clients to choose your business, you’ve got to get your brand in their homes or office. With all the benefits that direct mail can offer, you have a higher chance of getting your message seen by more potential clients and expanding your business.

Consumers may be becoming warier of online or social advertising. However, they all seem to trust mail delivery!
So, it’s back to the basics, but utilizing technology in creative ways.

Brandit360 has been implementing the EDDM direct mail program with our builder clients for over ten years. EDDM offered by USPS offers a practical and affordable marketing opportunity for business.

How does it work?

  • Builders can reach customers using the mail delivery route data supplied through the EDDM program rather than specific addresses.
  • Let us know a specific mail route area where you want your marketing piece delivered.
  • We design the postcard or mailer to match your brand and target your desired client.
  • You can get more phone calls for estimates and bids with direct mail marketing.
  • Keep in contact with your potential customers without doing extra work.

Local Area Marketing: Direct mail saves money because it doesn’t require a mailing list. Your message arrives in every household or business without knowing their addresses.

Easy to Set Up: We handle the design and setup, and USPS will deliver on the specified date.

Targeted Mailings: Position your brand to consumers in particular neighborhoods without purchasing a mailing list.

Creative Options

Postcards: More oversized postcards, meaning those measuring more than the 4 x 6 inches, make your home improvement business stand out from your competitors. Choose interactive postcards, like scratch-off or pop-up postcards.

Brochures: Custom-designed brochures will give you a better chance to present your most popular projects and a list of other services you can offer. Sizes range from standard to extra-large.

QR Codes: You may include QR Codes in your mailer with discount codes or links to landing pages that you can use to attract more clients and track the results.

Video Mailers: Did you know that videos increase people’s understanding of a product or service by 74% and that 48% of people retain direct mail for future reference? Video is one of today’s most popular marketing platforms. We’re Combining video with high-impact print solutions, and this is a new power couple!


Grow Your Business with Direct Mail

As you reach out to more people in your target demographic, the word-of-mouth or referral from your projects will also spread, taking your business to new levels of growth.

Assess Your Marketing Strengths and Weaknesses: Use mailers as a valuable tool to assess your strong and weak points when marketing your services. Send separate mailers to two categorized groups in one geographical area and compare the results.

Combine Different Campaigns: With direct mail marketing combined with other digital marketing strategies, such as social media, and email campaigns, you’ll be able to reach more people at a faster rate to help grow your business.

Educate Homeowners: Direct mail can be a valuable educational tool to let new customers know about your home improvement products and services. Showcase your expertise by providing them with helpful tips.

The best marketing strategy combines tried and true methods with a technological twist, and applying the options discussed above can help you reach your sales and marketing goals.

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