Hardin Builders, Inc. Social Media Management – A Brandit360 Case Study

by | Apr 21, 2014 | Brandit360 Posts | 0 comments

Hardin Builders, Inc. Social Media Management – A Brandit360 Case Study

by | Apr 21, 2014 | Brandit360 Posts | 0 comments

Helping Hardin Builders climb the Google ranks.

Everyone knows that getting top Google rankings are the holy grail of any business. And, most of us know many companies spend large amounts of cash on so-called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help them get those rankings.

What’s less known is what businesses are really spending their money on, how the SEO companies make it happen, and if all that hard work (and money) really pays off.

Want to find out? Just ask Hardin Builders, Inc…

Hardin Builders, Inc. knew that an online presence is one of the best ways to reach potential customers. So in 2013, Hardin Builders, Inc. President, Neil Hardin, contacted us about re-designing the Hardin Builders, Inc. website – hardinbuilders.com – The site would feature the company as a luxury custom residential and commercial builder in Barrington, Illinois. It was apparent that the design would require a high-level of customization. They also needed a site that was user-friendly, viewable on all mobile devices and optimized for search engines. Working closely with the President of Hardin Builders, Inc. we were able to turn their vision into reality, on time and on budget.

However, simply having a website isn’t enough to get the leads that a business needs. Near the end of 2013, the website was looking good, averaging just over 100 visitors a month, but very few inquiries.

Being the savvy business owner that he is, Neil Hardin saw that the website needed something more, so he contacted us to find a solution.

The solution? A powerful combination of Social Media and SEO.

We turn our attention to site visitors. To really increase the number of inquiries, and turn them into sales the website needed to attract a much greater volume of visitors; something that could only be achieved by ranking higher in Google for relevant search terms.

To help improve the traffic on the website, we helped Neil with an SEO optimized Social Media campaign. SEO is the process by which websites achieve higher rankings for relevant keywords, like ‘builders in Barrington’.

SEO is not magic.

Optimizing a site for relevant keywords is not magic, but it does take a lot of hard work and a bit of insider-knowledge to be truly effective. Here are just a few examples of the work we did to boost the Hardin Builders, Inc. website:

Behind-the-scenes work – This includes a META audit (making sure all the right keywords are included in the site in areas like page titles and page content); and a full website software crawl (crawling through the site to discover any errors).

Off-site industry relevent articles – Off-site work is critical to boosting site rankings. Each month we create new online articles that point back to hardinbuilders.com, taking care to include the right keywords.

Strategic link building – We build up high quality links to increase website strength and help keyword rankings.

Social Links – We’ve included content from the website in social bookmarking locations as part of a rounded link profile.

And the results?

Within one month Hardin Builders, Inc. progressed to the first page on Google. Since work began site visitors has more than doubled.

Hardin Builders, Inc. has range of keywords that Brandit360 is constantly working on to further increases the chances of being seen on Google, and therefore increase the chance of sales. From January 2014 to the beginning of March 2014, their keywords stormed up the rankings, with ‘commercial builders in Barrington’ leaping from position 20 to position 1 on Google. And the website now ranks in position 3 for ‘luxury builders in Barrington’, and position 7 for ‘builders in Barrington’.

The Hardin Builders, Inc. website features many new technologies and accessibility options. Adding the Social Media Management Package has successfully promoted the company and raised brand recognition significantly.

UPDATE MARCH 2015: The Hardin Builders, Inc. website now ranks in position 2 for ‘luxury builders in Barrington’, and is #1 for ‘builders in Barrington’.

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