How to Send Mass Emails Without Sounding Spammy

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Brandit360 Posts | 0 comments

How to Send Mass Emails Without Sounding Spammy

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Brandit360 Posts | 0 comments

Having a large audience can make it difficult to send emails that are personalized and intentional. However, not being authentic in email marketing can be catastrophic to your email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is having a conversation. This conversation is crucial to whether or not you are labeled as “spammy”. When your email is labeled as spam, it means that the receiver of your message found your email inappropriate or irrelevant.

Here are a couple of habits to practice to beat the spam box.


Speak honestly and authentically.

People have what some call a “lie detector” or a “B.S. Meter”. Simply put, people know when you are lying or not being authentic.

Of course, you want your audience to engage with your brand and products. However, if you are merely copying and pasting your products to an email without actually engaging with the human being on the other side, you may find yourself in the spam box faster than you can say “Hello, Unknown Person.”

They’re human. You’re human. Start acting like it.


It’s okay to be personal.

This brings us to our second point: being personal isn’t a bad thing.

You can still be professional and have a friendly conversation with your potential clients – because, again, this is what you’re doing. You’re having a conversation through your email.

While perhaps you shouldn’t be too personal and share what you ate for lunch today, you can still share how your brand is doing with your audience. Here are some examples:

  • Perhaps you are excited about recently gaining a new client. Share that joy with your audience by celebrating that new client in your email. Include some of the work that you are doing for your new client to inspire your audience for further engagement.
  • Maybe it’s the two-year anniversary since hiring one of your employees. Send an email out talking about their strengths and what they have brought to your brand over the past couple of years. Not only are you encouraging your employees, but are showing your clients that you value those in your business. It’s a win-win.

Conclusion: Avoid spam by being real.

Take your focus off of yourself and have a genuine conversation with your audience. You can still share about your business and products but do so in a way that gives to the conversation not takes the other person’s time and energy. Tailor your email campaigns to meet your audience’s needs and you will find your audience will want to engage with you in return.

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