Steps to Success #2: Create an Editorial Calendar

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Brandit360 Posts | 0 comments

Steps to Success #2: Create an Editorial Calendar

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Brandit360 Posts | 0 comments

Welcome back to our second step in our Steps to Success series! We want to also offer you our Social Media Steps to Success that this series is based off of. Follow this link to download your free Ebook. If you haven’t read about our first step in our series, click here so that you can be all caught up.

You’ve created a goal for your brand, started creating content, and managed your resources to support your objective.  Whether you are using organic posts or ads, you need to have an editorial calendar that will support your goal. An editorial calendar is a visual workflow that gives content creators more control over the publication of their content across many different channels. This publication schedule can be planned weekly, monthly, or even yearly. At Brandit360, we use monthly editorial calendars to sort out our clients’ content across different sites and platforms, making it easier to support our wide variety of clients.

After deciding what kind of content you want to post, input that information into an editorial calendar so that it can not only help you visually see what you want to post, but help your teammates see your vision as well.

  • Start by creating a separate sheet for each month and break down activities by day.
  • Make sure to include a column dedicated to reflecting which of your team members is responsible for writing and publishing each piece of content.
  • Update your calendar regularly to reflect what works and what doesn’t.

By outlining exactly what and when you will post, you will keep yourself organized and remove unnecessary stress and confusion. If your goals shift, make sure that your content and calendar are updated so that they better align with what you are looking for.

Keeping your content organized reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed, reduces stress levels, achieves more in less time, and sets an example for those around you. When you merely keep track of the posting of your content in an editorial calendar, you allow yourself and your teammates to focus and expand on your goal.

Have you tried creating an editorial calendar, but couldn’t find the right template or solution? Contact us so that we can walk with you and your brand.

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